Consider These Top 10 Reasons For A Staff Retreat

In today’s digital age, companies are realizing the importance a staff retreat can play in the overall health of their company and its employees. They are recognizing that teams need to take the time to walk away from the office and experience something different as a group. At AMA Executive Conference Centers we see the benefits of hosting staff retreats. Here are our top 10 reasons to host one for your company:

1. Helps You Step Away
When you are always working in the same environment day-in and day-out and are facing continual pressures and challenges, it can be important to get out of the situation for a time. It allows for a break and a chance to disengage from the stress and routines through a change of scenery.

2. New Perspective
Stepping out of a situation and getting away from any stress or pressures can help employees see things in a new way. A fresh environment gives employees space to come up with unexpected solutions and innovative ideas because they have been able to leave the walls of the office.

3. Learn From Others
Retreats allow employees to learn from experts and guest speakers who are there to share valuable information with the team. Disengaging from the work environment for a while, allows employees to focus more on learning new things.

4. Collaboration
When colleagues have an opportunity to communicate and brainstorm ideas together, they have the opportunity to improve performance in the workplace. Collaboration strengthens institutions because two heads are in fact better than one. Employees can give each other ideas which they may have never thought of on their own.

5. Teamwork
Staff retreats allow employees the opportunity to participate in activities that involve teamwork. These activities encourage them to see their peers as people they can rely on in the workplace. It also teaches them how to do a better job at working together.

6. Sharing Goals
An employee retreat can serve as an opportune place for employers to help their employees understand their vision and business goals. The employees can determine together how to meet those goals and can become more invested in the company.

7. Overcome Fears
At a retreat, employees can have the opportunity to share some of their concerns about their jobs and the challenges they face. On the job, they may be too reticent to discuss this or do not have the time to give these topics much thought. At a staff retreat they could be encouraged to identify areas of concern and can work together to discover solutions.

8. Identify Hidden Skills and Talents
If employees hold a single position, their employers may not yet know what else they can do. At a staff retreat there are opportunities to learn more about each other and valuable information can be learned about the employees which can be of benefit to the company.

9. Getting Together
Some companies have offices in many different locations and teams rely on email or video conferencing to communicate and interact. A staff retreat allows for a time for employees to get together in one place. This bonding time can increase their knowledge and support of one another.

10. Relax and Refresh
Everyone needs a little break! Work demands are challenging and difficult and employees need to have fun together once in a while. Doing something different like taking a class or participating in a team building game can help employees recharge and be refreshed while spending time together.

Staff retreats are important and beneficial for the employees and the companies for which they work. If you are considering hosting a staff retreat for your team this year, consider hosting it with AMA Executive Conference Center. AMA has conference centers in the convenient locations of Atlanta, San Francisco, Washington DC and New York City. Our meeting rooms accommodate a variety of sized meetings, and include executive chairs, state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, complimentary beverages, and on-site conference staff. You can trust our team with all the preparations for an excellent staff retreat. Contact us today to learn more!