Finding a Book on National Read a Book Day

One of life’s greatest pleasures is drowning in the pages of a great book. Books can teach readers new things but they can also offer a great escape from life. Within the pages of a good book, imaginations can run wild. In today’s fast-paced world, it is hard to stop and take a break from hectic schedules. Purposefully making time for reading is an important goal of September 6th, National Read a Book Day. On this day people are encouraged to spend some time with a book. Besides offering enjoyment and opportunities for learning, reading can also help reduce stress levels. Reading also engages readers mentally which is a good exercise for focus, concentration and memorization. Essentially reading books is both healthy and fun.

One great place to pick up a book to read today is from the New York Public Library in New York City, located in an AMA Executive Conference Center city. Serving the community since 1895, the New York Public Library has over 80 different branches throughout the city. The library has over 55 million items and serves more than 17 million patrons annually. They also have some very famous primary source documents, making it an excellent location for research purposes. The New York Public Library hosts community events such as concerts, dance performances and author talks. They also have space available for hosting events and can be reserved for dinners, weddings, fashion shows or photography shoots. Exploring all that the New York Public Library offers in regard to their available resources for a good book begin here.

Photo: New York Public Library, Facebook

Another location to visit for an interesting book on this National Read a Book Day is the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C., also an AMA Executive Conference Center city. This library, established in 1932, houses the largest collection of the works of William Shakespeare in the world and show cases works by other famous Renaissance authors. The Folger offers theater performances, music performances, talks, screenings, and poetry performances. Additionally, the Folger has spaces available for special event rental. More information about their vast library of dramatic reads can be found here.

Photo: Hartman–Cox Architects