How The Sing For Hope Project Is Bringing Art To New York City

The arts is a field that is enjoyed by many but it’s also something that bring healing to a person’s life. If this seems like hyperbole, then take a closer look at what the Sing For Hope Project is doing for New York City.

Through the arts, Sing For Hope has exposed disadvantaged communities, hospital patients, and school youths to dynamic arts programs that are both uplifting and nourishing to their development. In a time when policy makers struggle to respond to the country’s growing mental health crisis, Sing For Hope Project has found their own way to empower lives for the better because research has proven that art isn’t just a creative outlet, it’s a medicine for the mind and soul.

Sing for Hope has come a long way since its founding in 2006. In the past 12 years, it’s worked with over 250 nonprofit organizations and involved over 3,500 artists in creative volunteer projects such as their highly-regarded placement of hundreds of pianos in public places that are free for everyone to play.

In New York City hospitals, Sing for Hope has produced bedside performances for sick patients and put together free collaborative performances in health care centers. In New York City schools, Sing for Hope has also worked with the Department of Education to install pianos as part of a program where school students learn to play and perform. The organization has also established an annual Arts Week where a wide range of artistic events are provided to schools that don’t have the resources for regular arts programs.

The world today is faster than ever and despite the constant connection technology has brought to us, life can be incredibly isolating for people living in the city. Not everyone has the resources and access to arts programs that can reverse feelings of voicelessness and isolation. Because of this, Sing For Hope’s work is ideal for serving as a model for the rest of the country.


When visiting the New York Executive Conference Center find a Sing For Hope piano near you by clicking here – then throughout the summer enjoy ‘Pop Up Performances’ throughout the city. Learn more about the Sing For Hope Project in New York by visiting them online at