Meet Stephanie Carter From Our AMA Atlanta Conference Center

Stephanie Carter AMAIt’s a brand new year! We’re off and running for what we’re expecting to be an exciting year of meetings and events at each of our AMA Conference Centers. Kicking off January with a team focus, we connected with Customer Service Coordinator, Stephanie Carter at the AMA Conference Center in Atlanta. Stephanie is on the front line in working with both visiting planners and attendees in Atlanta. She’s quick to share a smile and to offer a story about her hometown, Atlanta – enjoy getting to know a little bit more about her!

AMA:  Hi Stephanie, thanks for taking time to chat today! Share with us a little bit about what your role is at the Atlanta Center.

STEPHANIE:  I’ve been with the AMA Conference Center in Atlanta for 6 years. As a Customer Service Coordinator I work with visiting clients to ensure they get what they need. I work with both the meeting planners and their attendees when they come in. Our Atlanta team (Shawn Brown, Barbara Davis and Stacy Vann) helps each and every one to be at ease while visiting.

AMA:  What do you find most rewarding about what you do?

STEPHANIE: I genuinely find that helping people is rewarding. Often times, they come in and don’t know what to expect. I help with the transition for when they’re with us, and for when they come back.

AMA: Do you get the opportunity to work with many returning clients?

STEPHANIE: Oh, yes! There are many repeat clients that I love to see come back. And sometimes we have visitors from all over the world. You get to know people and build relationships. We, the Atlanta team, make it our business to know what they like, and what they don’t like.

AMA: Would you say that’s something that makes you different than other meeting venues?

STEPHANIE: What makes us different from other Atlanta venues is our view…and also our hospitality! From the time you walk in we make sure you’re taken care of. And if a client is returning we know their expectations so that everything fits into place. We have a dedicated and service-minded team here. We work with the understanding that, ‘you treat people the way that you want to be treated.’ It’s sad when you visit a place and they don’t give you the customer service you expect. Our team goes above and beyond delivering great customer service!

AMA: When working and helping others at the Center, what are some things you like to do?

STEPHANIE: I love to shop. And I love getting out in nature. I really enjoy walking on Georgia’s Silver Comet Trail. If you don’t know about this trail, it’s a path that runs along an old railroad line. It’s beautiful…everyone should experience it! Beware though, you’ll see deer, snakes…you see everything in nature on this trail! When not working though, the thing I love doing most is making every girl sparkle, with my personalized Rhinestone T-shirts.

AMA: Is there anything more you’d like to share with our readers about Atlanta?

STEPHANIE: Well, I’m originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but now I’m a ‘Peach’ because I’ve lived in Atlanta for such a long time. Midtown Atlanta, where the AMA Conference Center is located, is a great place to work and a great place to host a meeting. The Center has lots of large windows that let natural light in, and a planner has all the amenities available to them. I like to say our Center is the ‘heart of Atlanta!’

AMA: The heart of Atlanta…we 100% agree with that!

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