National Garden Week – Two Favorite Gardens In AMA Center Cities

US Botanic Garden OrchidGardens are often the highlight of the summer for many, and with good reason. Not only do they show us the true bounty and beauty of nature, but they lift our spirits and give us proper inspiration to go on to do amazing things. This week we celebrate National Garden Week – June 4th thru June 10th, 2017. This special week is an effort organized by Garden Clubs nationwide to celebrate the beauty of greenery and floral, educate the public about garden and environmental efforts, and encourage pride and involvement of communities across the U.S.

So what makes Garden Week so special? Aside from the fact that it glorifies all that is stunning and amazing about the world of growing plants and flowers, it also promotes tons of fantastic opportunities for those hoping to visit gardens around the country. A great example of this is in New York at the New York Botanical Garden. Not only is this garden stunning all year (even during winter months) but National Garden Week brings about special events and fantastic attractions that visitors can partake in.

NY Botanical Garden Chihuly

Dale Chihuly, Macchia Forest, 207, The New York Botanical Garden.
Photography by Marlon Co.

This year during Garden Week visitors to the New York Botanical Garden can view the stunning work of artist Chihuly, who has not had a major exhibition in New York in over 10 years. Chihuly’s spectacular glass work mimics the natural flowers of the garden and makes for a truly inspiring sight. Visitors can also participate in programs like an educational session on ‘what is an herbarium’ or ‘the edible academy,’ and so much more. This garden is a perfect stop all year long, but especially during this time when we’re celebrating gardens across the country.

Another fantastic garden to visit during gardening week is the United States Botanic Garden located in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. This garden is currently featuring the ‘You Can Grow It” exhibit that offers visitors a world of knowledge about horticulture – perfect for those that have a green thumb and for those that know little. The exhibit offers a living gallery, with activities and areas that address planting problems, and offer tons of techniques that a visitor can take back to their own garden.

US Botanic Garden Facebook

Photography: United States Botanic Garden Facebook

At the United States Botanic Garden the ‘You Can Grow It’ exhibit is one that will help you appreciate every single thing about gardening and about the work, dedication, and true skill that goes into creating a magnificent garden. It’s a fantastic exhibit for those that are looking to teach their family (especially children) all about gardening. For anyone that is even vaguely interested in how a garden is made from start to finish, this is a great place to stop and spend an afternoon.

You Can Grow It Exhibit

The New York Botanical Garden and United States Botanic Garden are both fantastic gardens to visit during National Garden Week. However, if you cannot make it to either this week do not despair…your own garden can be a perfect place to celebrate the marvels of nature and to appreciate just what a garden has to offer! Learn more about these national gardens in AMA Center cities New York City and Washington, DC at: and

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