Save The Date – Global Meetings Industry Day 2017

AMA Global Meetings Industry DayFor any business, meetings are a fantastic way to bring employees together, relay information and make the most of the time that you have together. Meetings are also one of the most efficient ways for people to come together and move projects or new ideas forward. Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) is the day created to celebrate the ‘power of meetings’ and the global industry that supports them.

On April 6, 2017 leaders from across various meetings and event industries will come together to support the 2nd annual Global Meetings Industry Day. Events will be held across the globe to show the impact that the meetings industry has on industries around the world. Thousands will come together to celebrate how business and meeting events connect people and drive economic growth.

As a meetings professional, why is Global Meetings Industry Day important to you? For starters, it gives meeting professionals the opportunity to recognize publicly just how impactful business meetings are across all industries. In 2016, 100-plus events from Finland to Guatemala showcased the impact of meetings on this holiday. This year there will be even more events hosted in major cities and smaller towns, in industries of all different sorts, further demonstrating the difference that the meetings industry brings to the world day after day. On this day, business events and meeting professionals will rally at dozens of places as part of this initiative. Gatherings this year taking place in cities in Africa, Italy, London, Canada, and the United States.

If you’re a meeting professional, save the date of Thursday, April 6, 2017 on your calendar to join in and show solidarity of just how much the industry means to you. Click here for a list of GMID events around the world. Or join in by hosting your own Global Meetings Industry Day activity. Simply talk with your employees about Global Meetings Industry Day, or hold an informal company-wide meeting to share the importance of the day. You might also consider holding a larger event that’s open to professionals in your community or state. Whichever route you chose, we encourage you to get out there, share and celebrate!

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