What You Need to Know About the Washington D.C. AMA Executive Conference Center

Washington, D.C. is known as the center of politics in the United States, but it’s also a city that represents every major culture in the nation. Filled with luxury hotels, restaurants of every conceivable cuisine, and a bounty of activities throughout the city, Washington D.C. is a top destination for high-level conferences and meetings. Likewise, our AMA Conference Center in the Washington D.C. area  offers a meeting venue with hospitality services that reduce the typical pressures associated with planning a high-level meeting or conference gathering.  Guests at this Center are the highest priority and the Center’s team looks to provide any business need that may arise. 

When hosting or attending a meeting at the Washington D.C. AMA Conference Center access into the Center is made easy. The D.C. area’s Metro lines allow attendees to stay anywhere in the area and still have an easy trip to their meetings; an accessible parking garage is also available for those who prefer to drive. Once in the Center, we offer complimentary WIFI,  spacious lounges and complimentary coffee and beverage stations for all visiting guests.

Mid-day during your visit, or while on lunch break from your meeting at the AMA Washington Center, there are many exciting events and excursions you can experience in proximity to the Center. The Center’s home neighborhood of Crystal City is a vibrant business, retail, restaurant and residential community. In the spring and summer months visitors can enjoy mid-day Outdoor Zumba or pick up a delicious meal during Food Truck Thursdays, amongst many other activities. Learn more about Crystal City’s activities and events by visiting them online at www.crystalcity.org.

Once your meeting has come to a close, several restaurants sit within walking distance of the AMA Center. No matter what your tastes, Crystal City has something you can enjoy. Then after everyone is fed and happy, there’s still so much Washington D.C. has to offer. The city is home to some of the oldest and most important monuments in American history: the Washington Monument and the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials. If perusing great works is more interesting, the Smithsonian Museum covers enough acreage to take up a full day on its own – it’s home to the National Air and Space Museum, the Museum of Natural History, multiple national art galleries, the National Zoological Park, and numerous others. And these are only the most noteworthy points of interest; Washington is filled with other charming locations like the International Spy Museum, the Folger Shakespeare Library, and Tudor Place.

At AMA Executive Conference Centers – also located in Atlanta, New York, and San Francisco – our commitment is to the success of our clients’ meetings and conferences. We offer state of the art centers for meeting, with an eye towards making the business of ‘doing business’ both memorable and productive. To learn more or to book your next meeting in Washington, D.C., click to connect.