Happy ‘Take A Walk in the Park’ Day!

Did you know that TODAY is National Take a Walk in the Park Day? Whether you’ve ever observed it or not, it’s held annually on March 30th. An ‘unofficial’ national holiday, it was started many years ago to encourage people to get out and enjoy parks, nature, and their surroundings. In case you’re not sure how to best observe this special day we have some suggestions for you…simply take a leisurely stroll through one of our favorite parks in Atlanta, New York City, San Francisco or in the Washington, DC area!

For those living or visiting Atlanta, Georgia Piedmont Park is a fantastic place to take a walk. Located in the Midtown area of the city, it’s centrally located and within walking distance of our AMA Atlanta Conference City. During spring and summer months, the park hosts weekly Green Markets (9 am to 1 pm at the 12th Street Gate). The park features a special event facilities, a dog park, fountains, picnic areas, grilling areas, sports fields, a public pool, running trails, biking routes, walking tours, and so much more. This green space is truly a fantastic place to take a walk in the park and makes for a wonderful place to spend the day when in Atlanta!
Plan your visit to Piedmont Park by clicking HERE.AMA Piedmont Park

For those living or visiting New York City, Central Park is a wonderous place to spend your day! Central Park is not only a tourist’s dream, it is also one of the most beautiful parks in the country. While enjoying843 acres of lush green space you can visit the Obelisk, the Loch, the Minton Tile Ceiling at Bethesda Terrace, Balto, a variety of bridges and fountains, and so much more. With 42 million visits each year, Central Park is the most frequently visited urban park in the United States. Located conveniently near the AMA New York City Conference Center – it provides a stunning place to celebrate ‘Walk in the Park Day!’
Plan your visit to Central Park by clicking HERE.AMA Central Park

WASHINGTON DC AREA FAVORITE: Long Bridge Park in Arlington, VA
For those in the DC area there are certainly a ton of great parks to visit but the Long Bridge Park in Arlington, VA is our favorite stop for enjoying green space! This beautiful park with more than 30 acres of open space features walking paths, trails, sports fields, family play areas, historical statues, and so much more. Located in the middle of Arlington, Long Bridge Park is a serene and picturesque place to stop off and spend your day. Also located just minutes from our AMA Washington, DC Area Conference Center – it’s the perfect place to relax between meetings or decompress after a long day of planning!
Plan your visit to Long Bridge Park by clicking HERE.AMA Long Bridge Park

For anyone that’s has ever visited San Francisco you know that the Golden Gate Park is a must-see! First and foremost, this scenic park offers a view of the Golden Gate Bridge that is rivaled by none. Additionally, the park offers visitors a variety of themed gardens, a children’s playground with an authentic and working carousel from 1888, walking paths, fountains, historic stops, picnic areas and more. Uniquely, this park is home to ten lakes within more than 1,000 acres. Situated near the city center and our AMA San Francisco Conference Center, it’s a slice of rural paradise in the middle of an urban jungle!
Plan your visit to Golden Gate Park by clicking HERE.AMA Golden Gate Park

The world is a big place and parks offer us a break from the hum drum of our everyday lives. Taking time to enjoy the beautiful parks that have been planted throughout our cities is a must. No matter which park you decide to take your walk in, it’s important that you get outdoors, get some fresh air and take the opportunity to see what the area around you has to offer. Happy walking!

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