Healthy Snack Choices for Meeting Planners On The Go

Healthy Snacks AMA Conference CentersAs a meeting planner, your tasks change from day to day but one thing remains the same…you’re busy. Going from logistic planning meetings, to site visits, to the actual meeting day – making sure that every detail goes off without a hitch is your priority. This means that sometimes eating and taking care of yourself isn’t one of those details. You become so consumed with the tasks at hand that keeping your body fueled becomes a back burner situation. In these instances, you might find that you’re quick to grab ‘fast food’ for quick consumption. While grabbing ‘fast food’ every so often can be fine, over the long haul this habit can cause significant health and weight issues, not to mention lower energy reserves to keep you going.

On the most demanding of days, we recommend healthy snacks to keep you fueled for activity. Below is a list of some of the healthiest snacks that our AMA Executive Conference Center teams have found work well for planners in a pinch, and how to store them to keep you satisfied throughout your day.

A divided plastic box, otherwise known as a Bento Box, will allow you to place individual snacks in each compartment. It’s an easy way to transport  snack choices in your stylish tote bag because the box also has a lid. You can find these little boxes at any local container or big-box store.

Consuming snacks with protein will help keep your metabolism ticking during the day and will give you energy to boot. Some terrific protein options to carry with you are all natural organic beef jerky, rolled up turkey slices, or prosciutto wrapped around apple slices. Some other beneficial snack options with protein are hummus with pretzel chips, white bean dip with carrots, or almond butter with celery. There are endless combinations of proteins that can be paired with fruits and vegetables. Just cut up the produce you need the night before, place it in your container, and you can grab it quickly in the morning to take with you.

Nuts and cheese wedges are two other snacks that are portable and tasty. For the healthiest nut options try raw almonds, cashews, or pistachios. And for cheese options there’s mozzarella string cheese, or cubes of any other type of cheese you enjoy. The options are many with these foods depending on what types of cheese you like. Nuts and cheese are perfect snacks to give you a boost of calcium that will get you through your day.

Store bought granola bars can be chock full of sugars and preservatives – so why not make your own that you can take with you! The basics of a granola bar are a combination of oats, a binder like applesauce, honey, and dried fruits like cranberries or raisins. Click here for a granola bar recipe from Food Network’s Giada De Laurentiis that we love. DIY granola bars are so tasty. And the best part of your own bars is that the fiber will fill you up through your long workday. Once you get used to making your own, you’ll never want to go back to store bought again.

With just a little planning you can be a meeting planner who knows how to take care of your clients AND yourself. Make healthy snacks a part of your schedule, and you’ll see how ditching the quick fix of ‘fast food’ will help to sustain the energy you need to perform all your duties throughout the day!

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