Meet Charles Huggins From The AMA New York City Conference Center

Today we’re shining a spotlight on Charles Huggins, Conference Center Coordinator with our AMA Executive Conference New York City Center! Charles has been with AMA for 17 years. This Brooklyn resident has a true passion for working with planners and setting them up for event and meeting success. In this interview, enjoy learning a little more about Charles and his insights on food and beverage coordination for events today.

AMA:  Hi Charles, thanks for taking time today to chat with us! Share with our readers, what is your role with AMA Executive Conference Centers?

CHARLES:  I am a Conference Center Coordinator at AMA’s New York City Center. I assist external meeting planners with the planning and execution of their events held at the executive conference center.

AMA:  We understand that as part of the planning that you do, that some of your tasks include coordinating food and beverage services for events. What would you say that you find to be the most rewarding in working on the food and beverage side for meetings?

CHARLES:  I actually enjoy eating and trying new food, so assisting the clients in selecting the food for their meetings is an added bonus! My mother always made sure that I had a healthy breakfast in the morning to start my day, she felt that a good breakfast would help me concentrate and focus throughout the day. I can see how food, especially hot food, helps the meetings go smoother.

AMA:  What are some interesting food and beverage trends that you’ve experienced recently?

CHARLES: One trend of note is accommodating people’s different food restrictions have spiked recently. Just a couple of years ago a special request for dietary needs would occur once every so often, now it’s a question that needs to be asked at the beginning stages of planning a meeting.

AMA:  When not planning meetings do you enjoy cooking?

CHARLES:  I do enjoy cooking – I truly love to prepare meals with my girlfriend. We both love seafood, so recently we’ve been trying different recipes. My palate is broad though. While I am from Brooklyn, my father is from Santo Domingo and my mother is from the South!

AMA:  With having a broad palate, what are our favorite restaurants to frequent?

CHARLES:  There are so many I like! A favorite in the city is Omar’s Mediterranean Cuisine in Midtown, and in Brooklyn it’s the Crab Spot in Park Slope.

AMA: Love it – restaurant goals! Thanks again Charles for taking time to chat. We’re thrilled to have you on our team!

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