Meet Marco Rubio From Our AMA New York City Conference Center

AMA Marco Rubio SpotlightThe April team spotlight comes to us from the AMA Executive Conference Center that shines bright on Broadway, New York City! Conference Center Coordinator, Marco Rubio has been with AMA in New York for almost 17 years now. Over the years, his willingness to jump in when needed and to never stop learning has given him the experience today to manage the smallest of meetings to the largest!

AMA:  Thank you for this time to connect so that we can learn more about you and your role here at the AMA New York City Conference Center. Tell us a little bit about what you do.

MARCO:  My present role at the AMA NYC Center is Conference Center Coordinator. I’m responsible for coordinating all the events running in the Center. I have multiple responsibilities in this role, but a few that I think are most important are: I manage the event schedule which includes gathering together all paperwork. I book and coordinate events to include all details so the clients can have a successful experience. I manage the room assignments, automatic digital signage and coordinate all logistical, physical and technical requests. I am proficient in computer technology and telecommunications and I am always ready to help with any special request.

AMA:  As Conference Center Coordinator, what do you find to be the most rewarding about what you do?

MARCO:  I feel great when I see customers happy with the service that we’ve offered and that their meetings have run flawlessly (room setup, temperature of the room, technical assistance, condition of the room, catering, unlimited beverages, etc.). It’s a great sign that we have so many meetings planners that want to book their next meeting immediately. Happy customers make me very proud to be a part of the great event team at the AMA NYC Center.

AMA:  What do you think makes AMA Conference Centers and the New York City center different from other meeting venues?

MARCO:  Our prices are very good compared to our competitors, and the location for our New York City center is convenient – in the heart of Times Square. Our events team works hard and works together from the beginning to the end for any meeting that comes in. We really take care of customers, accommodating all their requirements to make their meetings run perfect.

AMA:  When not at the Center, what are your favorite things to do?

MARCO:  In my free time, I love to play sports like soccer (my favorite one!), play basketball with my kids, and play tennis and racquetball with friends.  Also, I love learning about new technology and enjoy sharing this information with my team.

AMA:  Do you have a life quote or phrase you live by?

MARCO: ‘Don’t Ever Give Up’ is a phrase that helps me accomplish my goals. I’m also really fond of the movie Rocky with Sylvester Stallone. That movie’s message inspires me to be strong in life!

AMA:  Looking back over your career with AMA, what’s something you find special?

MARCO:  Over the past 17 years with AMA I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people from different areas of the world and learn about their cultures and languages. It’s wonderful meeting so many different people, and being a part of making their meeting a success.

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