Stress Management Tips For Meeting Planners

AMA Stress Management BlogLife as a meeting planner can be both highly rewarding and incredibly stressful. However, there ways to achieve balance and cut through the stress so that you feel good physically and satisfied mentally about what you do. Enjoy these five tips that our AMA Executive Conference Center team find to be most helpful for reducing stress while planning a successful meeting!

Being organized in work areas of your life can help relieve a tremendous amount of stress. With the right tools, time, and effort spent, you can organize and streamline many planning processes. From keeping detailed ‘to do’ lists to to tapping into technology for assistance, try out a few different methods until you find one that works best for you. Make a commitment to organize your meeting content so that you have easy access to it – making it easier to alter and distribute to your team. With a little research you’ll find there are hundreds of organization tools for every aspect of planning that you can buy or download for free to help you get your work down to a science!

Often times we get so hung up on getting ‘here or there’ quickly that we forget the basics of taking care of ourselves. Something as simple as breakfast or a nutritious ‘pick me up’ before work can help reduce stress levels and make for a much easier day. Believe it or not, we actually do get more stressed when we are hungry… so all those candy commercials are right on target. Strive for eating a breakfast that has whole grains and minimal sugar to give you lasting energy rather than the burst and crash of energy that a sugary breakfast provides.

Relax and take your breaks! We know it’s tempting to work through that 15 minute break to get one more thing done. But taking breaks is key to making sure you have mental space to stay calm and relaxed. When taking a break make sure you distance yourself from the action of the office. After all, taking a break while still overseeing things is not really restful at all.

When you begin to feel a bit run down be sure that you do something for yourself…like take a walk, grab your favorite lunch, read a chapter of your current book or listen to your favorite music. Taking a few minutes here and there to focus entirely on YOU is going to help make you feel a great deal better. And ultimately taking time for yourself will help you to focus when you do head back to the daily grind.

Too many people bring work home and end up wearing themselves out before they even begin their formal work day. Do not stress about work when you are at home – keep this area calm and stress free and focused on you and your family rather than work. Though it might be tempting to bring your planner out after dinner and start organizing the next day’s agenda, we advise you wait until your head is fully back into the act of working. You’re not doing your team, clients or family any favors if you get burnt out or overloaded mentally before you even head back to work.

These are all tips that can be used independently or with other tips to help reduce stress in the high octane world of meeting planning. A dream job for many, planning meetings can be one of the most stressful jobs around, take care of yourself!

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